So the company "Mr Robot", which specializing in Domestic Robots, needed a mascot. It needed to be super futuristic and show a humanoid Robot. Asimo was the flavour of the day and this is where things started and got a bit complicated. We created a whole set of explorative designs before tossing the boat out and settling on a cartoon like, vector based character in the end.
This fella is completely done with individual brushs in Illustrator that will allow any designer down the line the use the character in many different setting and tweak existing poses or create new ones.
in the first round we worked towards creating the general shape and appearance. At this point we still thought that the character should be at a kids height and be have a somewhat clear mechanical air about it.
once a general shape was agreed upon, the design is then narrowed down
having found a suitable body shape, now comes the part of trying to find a good "face"
This was then when the "Apple chique", iRobot and Asimo influence came into play and the effort to marry all those wishes together started.
In the end, this was the moment when we decided to toss all that out, and go for a much more simplistic design that is easier on the everyday consumer and the marketing material that was needed.
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